Holman Immigration's good luck mascot!

Dougal is the newest addition to the firm and as a youngster he is currently serving as its resident shredder. As he gains experience he intends to step into the paws of his predecessor Merlin who passed away unexpectedly in March 2011.

For many years Merlin served as the firm's Goodwill Ambassador. He was an immigrant himself. He was born in Montreal Canada to distinguished and champion parents. However, while his parents' bloodlines and awards would have allowed them to enter as dogs of Exceptional Ability Merlin did not at the time of his initial entry have sufficient accomplishments of his own to satisfy the stringent requirements of the category. Further, since obedience school was only nine weeks Merlin was unable to obtain the equivalent of a bachelor's degree and he could not enter with an H-1B visa. Luckily, as a Canadian National with a two year Barkalaureate he was able to enter with TD (Trade Dog) status as a Canine Systems Analyst.

Leslie and Merlin